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Information for Educators

small sample of content areas coveredLooking to explore and share real-world topics in financial literacy with your learners? Finance Your Future is an online platform created by the Florida Department of Financial Services to educate students of all ages on the world of financial literacy. Learners engage with a variety of real world topics such as Budgeting and Saving, Debt, Credit Cards, and more through rich graphics, interactive games, and quizzes.

The embedded Instructional Portal provides tools for creating, sharing, and tracking lessons covering the following core areas (click the links to view the content):

You can create lessons based on Learning Objectives and Florida Standards that can be shared with students whose learning progress is tracked through easy to understand graphs and visuals.

Creating Lessons

create lessons Create lessons based on core lesson areas and all topics or specific subtopics of those areas, such as "How to Build a Budget to Save You Money", "Getting Out of Debt", "Understanding Your Insurance Policy" and many more. All topics and lessons correspond to specific learning outcomes and align to many 8-12 Financial Literacy Florida Standards. You can create multiple instances of the same lesson to share with different groups or classes. Share the generated invite code with your participants to track their progress of learning.

Sharing with Learners

share your lessons with others Once a lesson is created, a unique invite code is generated along with a link for you to share with your learners. Users can enroll through those links and you'll be able to track their progress on the Lesson Dashboard page.

Track Progress

tracking learning progress in lessons The Lesson Dashboard for all your created lessons will display quick overview about your lesson, such as the number of participants, percent of slides viewed and activities complete. Each participant's progress can be analyzed as a snapshot covering percentage of slides viewed, activities complete, time active, and passing the Knowledge Check at the end of lesson. More detailed information on individual slides viewed and activities complete can be seen for each participant by clicking their row in the table. This information, along with learning outcomes and standards alignment, will be valuable tools for informing future instruction.

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